Pluto demo

This is a demonstration of the yii2-pluto module for versatile user management on Yii2-sites.

The following users are registered on this site (there may be more as new users are registered).

Registered users

User name Full name Role
vincent Vincent the Visitor
amy Amy the Author author
boris Boris Blocked author (blocked)
ed Ed the Editor editor
wendy Wendy the Weekend-editor weekend_editor
pam Pam the Publisher publisher
mo Mo the Moderator moderator
sal Sal the Support Manager support
alice Alice the Administrator admin

They all have the same password: '123456' (agreed, that's the stupidest password one can think of, but this is a demo, right?). Feel free to log in as any of these users and explore her or his possibilities.

Also, you can register as a new user to experience how Pluto handles that. After that, log in as 'alice' and assign yourself another role, perhaps even define a new role.

The rather silly Lucky Numbers in the site's top menu are invented to demonstrate the permissions of the user roles.

User roles

Pluto standard roles are in bold. The other roles are made up for the demo.

Role Permissions
'?', guest* can see the index of Lucky Numbers
'@', visitor* can view all Lucky Numbers
author can create a Lucky Number, update her own Lucky Number, and do what any authenticated user can
editor can update any Lucky Number, and do everything an author can
weekend_editor like editor, but only on saturdays and sundays.
publisher can delete any Lucky Number, and do everything an editor can
moderator can manage comments; does really belong to my yii2-comment demo
support can only view all Lucky Numbers (like any authenticated user), and can manage user data (but not those of admin)
admin can do anything that publisher, support, and moderator can, plus manage role and permissions

* Actually, 'guest' and 'visitor' aren't roles. They apply to non-authenticated and authenticated users respectively.